Alleged Assault on a Mechanic by Gov. Okowa’s  CSO Prince George Efeizomor , the True Position



By Ewere Okonta



A video recording that featured the narratives of three artisans, specifically mechanics, went viral last Monday being November , 11th , 2019. In the video, the  three persons alleged that one Prince George Efeizomor , who the Chief Security Officer to Gov. Okowa of Delta State ,  assaulted them and  all mode of accusations were thrown up in the narratives.


However, below  is the account of an eye witness who was present while the  argument unfolded.     


  1. That the unfortunate incident happened on the 1st of November, 2019
  2. That the CSO Prince Efeizomor George went to a restaurant to eat along the DBS Road, Asaba
  3. That after eating, he noticed that his vehicle was blocked with a Hilux van. Hence, making it impossible for him to drive out his own car from where it was packed 
  4. That he inquired from people around to find out the driver that blocked his car, nobody answered him. He went back to the restaurant to make further inquiries about the identity of the said driver that blocked his car and nobody seemed to know
  5. That after about 15 minutes, a man came out (whom was later identified to be the owner of the mechanic workshop) ranting, cursing and threatening that he was not going to removed his vehicle and that he is going to use the CSO to show example to others from parking in front of his workshop whenever they came to eat.
  6. That as this altercations was going on, he was joined by other persons from the workshop including a fellow that came with a bottle of beer, smoking cigarette, holding spanner and other sharp objects boasting that he will soon make calls for his boys to come and beat up the CSO
  7. That it was at this point that other persons who knew the CSO came to his rescue because it was obvious that his life was at risk. The CSO quickly put a call across to his men at the Government House who came to rescue him from that place.
  8. That when the Police Officers from the Government House came to the scene, the boys threatening the CSO ran away including the owner of the mechanic workshop
  9. That only one man was arrested and taken to the GRA Police Station, Asaba. He was the man with a bottle of beer, spanner and other sharp objects. He was taken to the Station unhurt. His Name is Agim an air-conditioner repairer.
  10. That when the CSO handed him over to the Police men on duty at the GRA Police Station, he instructed that they should release him as soon as his people came for him, and he left for his office at the Government House.
  11. That in less than an hour, the Police officer called the CSO that the Mr Agim’s people has come for him, asking whether he is willing to press any charges. To which the CSO said NO ( that he is not willing to make case with anybody)
  12. That the CSO does not know what happened to the man in the said doctored video circulating online, since he was not the one that was arrested.
  13. That we were reliably informed from a credible source from the Police at the GRA Station that the man who was brought to them was not beaten, there was no injury on him and obviously was not the same person on the said doctored video circulating online. 
  14. That the people circulating this doctored video online should desist from doing so to avoid been on the wrong side of the LAW.
  15. That the CSO as a Prince and a discipline officer will not be associated with such an incident as been portrayed on the said doctored video.


16 .That  the general public should be guided accordingly .

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